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Bequests Project

The Bequests Strategy has been published for comment. Please see here.


In 2021 the Association received two very large bequests from Donald Health and David Cobb, totalling £373,000. It is important what we do with these generous gifts reflects the contribution both made to the exercise of bellringing and ensure that the process for deciding what to do with this large sum of money is honourable, equitable and supports bells and bellringers long into the future.

A workgroup was set up consisting of the three principal officers, Communications Officer, Education Officer, a Life Vice President and representation from each District, to consider how to approach this task. This group defined a set of principles to take forward for further discussion and consideration by the wider membership:

During the 2022 Annual District Meetings, the Master and Secretary presented these themes for further consideration and asked members to provide feedback and any other ideas.

Five main themes came out of those early discussions:

Our Aim

The aim of this workgroup is to:

Workgroup Members:

Current Focus

  1. Development of strategy and pilot proposals
  2. Sharing the feedback in the survey responses
  3. Workgroup to meet again towards the end of June to review the draft strategy and pilot proposals documents

Survey Results

172 members participated in the survey with many others providing verbal feedback at the AGM and emailed feedback directly to the Workgroup. the full report is attached here.

What’s Coming Next

The Workgroup met in May, after the AGM to review feedback from the survey, and other feedback received from members and the Management Committee. There were strong themes around education, training and recruitment, PR and communications and the use of technology. Some work has already begun to look at what some of these areas might look like and potential costs associated with them. They will form part of a Strategy, with some pilot proposals to put to the Association's Management Committee and Trustees, including further opportunity for consultation with Association members. The aim is to have a final suite of information to present for membership approval at the 2023 AGM.

A spending strategy will define how the Association will plan to spend bequest monies e.g. proportions spent on different themes, how money will be awarded to specific projects and opportunities to consider how the Association will develop and run itself.

Pilot proposals will look at specific spending proposals this group will develop in response to ideas generated from the feedback received.

Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions (not already submitted) regarding this work, the process or information, please email the Bequest Workgroup at

Bequests Strategy v2.0

The bequests group, management committee and trustees have continued to review and shape a number of proposed schemes that might be suitable for the money generously left to the association, aligned to the values and principles established during previous consultations. We have produced this strategy document as a result of this work. We would welcome comments and suggestions, both positive and negative, to help the management committee and trustees revise further in advance of presentation at the 2023 AGM. Please send your thoughts to .

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