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Rules Review

Draft Proposals to reduce the number of Trustees and make other changes

Further to discussion at the AGM in May 2019 outlining ideas for reducing the number of Trustees to simplify the management of the Association whilst ensuring we retained the same accountability to the membership, formal proposals to change the rules are now available.

The EACR Management Committee considered the draft proposals in October, it was agreed following update for observations made at the meeting that the draft revisions to the rules should be made available to members via the website as part of the consultation process before a formal proposal was made.

Three documents were made available to the membership for review and comments received by 13 December have been taken into account in revised documents.

Members of the group were available at the Annual District Meetings in January 2020 to answer questions.

The February 2020 Committee meeting reviewed the formal proposal for the AGM in May 2020. The Charity Commission responded to the draft proposals, and made no objection, but included an observation concerning delegation and responsibility remaining with the Trustees. The proposal includes a change to take this into account.

As the 2020 AGM was eventually held via Zoom, it was decided to defer the motions until 2021. The October 2020 Management Committee suggested a change relating to meetings and the Rules group has now drafted a provision to allow virtual meetings; on further review some more changes clarifying the relationship between the Trustees and Management Committee responsibilities and some improvements to phraseology/drafting have been included. The additional changes are minor and the overall intent behind the proposed rules is unchanged.

There are links below to three documents which can be viewed on line, downloaded to your own computer and/or printed. The documents are an outline of the proposals, a complete listing of the proposed rules (Motions 1, 2 & 3) and comparison of the proposed rules, for Motion 1, to the current rules.

The members of the draft Rules group are Mary Bone, Colin Chapman, David Sparling and the Master, General Secretary and Treasurer. They can be .

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